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Monkey Heart

Monster Boy

Wounded Monster


The word monster originates from the ancient Latin “monstrum”, meaning “omen”,  from the root of “monere”, to “warn”.

The term monster refers to a being that is gross exception to the norms of some human ecosystem. The word monster connotes something wrong or evil, a monstrous being morally objectionable, physically or psychologically hideous, or a freak of nature.

The fear of the unknown or the “other” is also a fear from knowledge. Fear is the biggest Sin. All fear is lack of Faith, so consequently all fear is Sin. Just like the fearful serpent represents the original Sin and the fall of Man from the grace of God and henceforth Man has been expelled from the Garden of Eden.

“Fear is the swoon of freedom. Fear is an alien, external force which takes possession of the individual; he cannot tear himself away from its power because he is afraid; what we fear, we at the same time desire.” (Kierkegaard)

This is the root of the fascination with the monsters weather they represent the “other” unknown entity or if it is our fear of own destruction, the fear of Death.

“People see death as terrible, as tragic. Because they want to live, they see Death as enemy of Life and therefore deny Death, which then becomes even more fearful and monstrous. beneath this fear of death lies the ultimate fear; the fear of looking into ourselves.”

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