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About the brand name:

Alef is the name of the first letter of the Proto-Canaanite alphabet, as well in descended alphabets as the Phoenician and Hebrew Aleph and the Arabic Alef.

Aleph is an important part of Jewish mystical formulas, and amulets, and Western occult mysticism in general. In Jewish mythology it was the letter aleph carved into the head of the Golem which ultimately gave it life.

In the Sefer Yetzirah, the letter Aleph is King over Breath, the Formed Breath of the Universe and the Chest in the Soul. Aleph is the element of Air and the Fool card of the Tarot deck. In gematria, aleph represents the number 1.

About the art:

Nouveau romantique, dark, sometimes morbid and eroticized imagery of gothic revival, incorporating elements of mysticism and alchemy. The emphasis is on mood and aesthetics, a central element of the gothic romanticism and a deliberate sense of camp theatricality and dramatization.

Alchemy is a spiritual discipline, and in the Middle Ages the metaphysical aspects, substances, physical states, and molecular material processes were as mere metaphors for spiritual entities, spiritual states, and, ultimately, transformations.

Thus, both the transmutation of common metals into gold and the universal panacea symbolized evolution from an imperfect, diseased, corruptible, and ephemeral state towards a perfect, healthy, incorruptible, and everlasting state.

About the prints:

Made by master printer Yegor Atanian in Glendale, California.

For more information please look at a sample of our  Limited Edition Prints Certificate.

About the artist:

Laszlo Nosek alias Yesod Scholessinger is  a  digital artist in real life and in Second Life.

Born and studied art in Europe before his relocation to the United States.

A lifelong student of the occult, painter, performance artist,  Emmy nominated and Pulcinella Award  winner designer.

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